The Guild

The Six Finger Guild was a long established presence in the city of Sanctuary. The Group were largely regarded as a harmless band of pickpockets and cut-purses. The Fingers were not considered much of a threat by other bands of thieves. When Hergon took over, the guild began taking on bigger and more ambitious jobs. After a few setbacks, Hergon hired in a few professional fighting men to protect his crew. This collective was successful in pushing out at least one protection crew. The Fingers managed to get several streets locked down and were earning a modest income. When one of the housebreaking crews was wiped out by the Hellhounds, the Fingers moved into the vacuum. While breaking into the working class homes is easy and can get you a bit of food, you are never gong to get rich. The homes of the merchant class are better protected, and often have magical wards. To address this, the Fingers hired in some casters. The first few jobs were a little rough but did turn a profit. Hergon started looking at bigger and bigger targets.

Unfortunately, with success comes recognition. In poking about looking for target homes, Hergon attracted the notice of the larger guilds. The larger guilds remain large by jealously guarding their domains. Guild infiltrators, began following the Fingers activities. It is not certain weather or not the infiltrators had “joined” the Fingers, or if any of the members were turned. Later events would lead one to believe that the Fingers were compromised in both ways. The plan to take down the Fingers, was shaping up to be both clever and ruthless.

While Hergon was was a fine pickpocket, and could frighten a dwarf into shitting gold, he was not the most discrete person. He began asking a few too many questions about some of the merchant homes, especially the most expensive ones. Those homes have house guards and they eventually heard about someone asking questions. It did not take them too long to track the questions back to Hergon and the Six Fingers. The house guards beefed up security at the mere rumor that Hergon was in the area. A number of guards were making bets on which one of them would take Hergon’s head.

The city watch has a tendency to ignore most problems as long as they can. They are particularly known for showing up well after a crime has been committed. In Hergons case, the rumors were so overwhelming that they were going to be forced to deal with him.

At some point the Gods abandoned Hergon, and the Hellhounds decided that they should make an example of him and his group. The Hellhounds spent some hours thinking about inventive ways to capture, torture, and kill Hergon. Once the Hellhounds move against Hergon, he should count his life in heartbeats.

There is an expression that “Thieves only become famous after they are dead.” Hergon became famous.

It is not entirely clear what happened to the Six Fingers, the night of their destruction was a mass of chaos and confusion. What is clear is that the target that should have been their greatest score ended up being their downfall. The merchant was away from his home for several days in celebration of a huge profit windfall. He took most of his guards with him. A cloudless and slightly foggy night would provide good cover. The target was ripe for the picking.

The plan was meticulous, and detailed. Hergon brought the entire guild and most of the affiliates. The limited number of house guards would be neutralized quickly with a coordinated strike. The casters were on hand to counter any defensive magics. Archers would cover the streets. Lookouts were well positioned. Once the house was taken, Hergon had the numbers to gut the house quickly and make an escape before the city watch was able to react. All involved thought the plan was a good one.

The initial part of the job went off without a hitch. The house sentries were dispatched (either knocked out or killed) with little trouble. Only one of the Fingers was severely injured – out of the action but he would have survived. They had the house – all the merchants riches would soon belong to the Fingers. The gold and silver statues in the entry hall gleamed in the lamplight. The wall tapestry were vibrant in color. Even the rich floor rugs would bring in a pretty penny. Hergon cracked a broad smile as he ordered the thieves to ransack the house.

With much rejoicing, the Fingers spread out into the house. Joy quickly turned into confusion and doubt. As they open door after door, and went from room to room, they found only stale air and dust. Aside from the front hall, the house was empty. Just as Hergon realized that something was tenability, tenability wrong, the font door burst into flames. The thieves were no match for the fire elemental that burst into the front hall. In a panic most of the thieves charged towards the back door. There were met by a fireball and then another. The gouts of flame spread to the house. Everything was burning, tapestries, rugs, curtains, thieves. Even the floors and overhead beams caught fire. Most of the Fingers were burned to death. Thieves that managed to escape the flames and get out of the burning house were brought down by crossbow bolts from the adjacent rooftops. Had he lived, Hergon might have wondered what happened to his lookouts. He would have discovered that most of the lookouts were killed almost as soon as they took up their assigned places. The Fingers thought their plan was good, but whoever set them up had a better plan.

It is not clear how many of the Fingers were actually killed. Some who survived simply vanished out of fear or grief.

Currently, the remaining members of the Six Fingers Guild have banded together with some of the associates. While they have extracted some amount of revenge on the contact that they believe set them up, they are concerned that whoever planned the destruction of the guild may not be done. They are constantly watching their backs.

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Six Finger Guild

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