Razzia has four seasons – Mostly. Every year has a Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumns. Simple enough. Good. That is what we teach the young ones.

The further North you travel the colder the climate. The further South you travel, the warmer the climate. Travelers have learned this the hard way.

If we look at the yearly temperatures over a long period, more than a decade, we might notice the “truth” about the climate. Razzia is subject to a repeating cycle of wildly fluctuation yearly highs and lows. Each heating or cooling trend appears to run about 8 years. If we start with a year of the “Deep” winter, each year will get gradually warmer until temperatures apex during the “High” summer. Then each year is a bit colder that the last year. The difference in the yearly average temperature can swing as much as 60 degrees between the “Deep” period and the “High” period. (It would not be entirely uncommon for a summer of a “Deep” year to be about the same temperature as the winter of a “High” year.

The temperature swing results in climates that migrate. Entire ecological niches must shift with the temperatures. This puts enormous ecological pressure for creatures to either adapt to the changing climates or migrate as the climate shifts north or south. Creatures that migrate are forced to do so on a relatively consistent basis.

Like every thing else on Razzia – the climate is constantly in motion.


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